Deal Market

Deal Market provides free and easy access for middle-market companies and investors to find each other.

We use an algorithmic approach to match middle-market companies seeking capital with the most relevant providers of capital anywhere in the world. Private equity funds and investment banks looking to invest in or lend to companies can access qualified deals from firms looking to raise capital or seeking investors in their business. 

Deal Market connects specific opportunities with precision, efficiency and intelligence, enabling buyers and sellers to reach far beyond the traditional boundaries of sectors, geographies and personal networks. Companies looking to make acquisitions can use Deal Market to connect with matching companies or financial advisers that are seeking financial sponsors or strategic buyers.

Real Estate Investors and acquirers looking for multi-family, office, retail, hospitality, industrial or other assets can use Deal Market to access deals matching their criteria. Owners and developers of residential, office, retail, hotels and other real estate assets looking to raise capital or sell assets can access sources of funds that are looking to invest in or acquire their project.

Deal Market helps members locate potential investments and new clients using custom-built algorithms and a global network of professionals, to match requirements entered by our members. Banks and financial institutions providing funds for project execution can use Deal Market to connect with companies that are looking for sources to raise capital and execute projects