Our Mission

CBC Securities Inc., previously the Yale Group that was founded in 1998, is a boutique U.S. securities broker dealer and investment banking firm that advises clients on mergers and acquisitions, capital formation and restructuring in a wide array of industries and circumstances in the United States.

We dedicate us to bridge the community of engaged high net-worth individuals or institutional investors and the community of worthy, early or mid-stage companies.  We pride ourselves on our tailored service not often available at many “bulge bracket” firms. We pay attention and focus on client’s needs and we are accountable and take ownership of our work.

Inside the CBC Securities Inc., we strive to create a working environment in which everyone pitches in and collaborate. Through collaboration ideas are encouraged, and execution is paramount.

We always put our clients’ best interests first. CBC Securities team members seek to do the best job the right way. We are honest with clients, teammates, regulators, and ourselves. With fewer levels of management between employees and leadership — which means communication tends to be more informal and candid.

Each of our in-house crafted securities goes through a purpose-built cycle of analysis, diligence, development, and support.  Specifically, we follows five steps to ensure a successful launch of an offering. 

Step 1: Apply “First Principles” to Clearly Understand the Opportunity and Challenge

  • Does a practical and material business opportunity exist?
  • What are the known challenges in this market?
  • Does the company offer a viable solution to the challenge?
  • Can a security be developed balancing risks and returns for all parties?

Step 2: Conduct Detailed Due-Diligence 

The company, its management, and any affiliates all undergo a thorough due diligence process. 

Step 3: Develop and Deliver the offering

An iterative process where the needs of the company and the goals of the investor are balanced. Our goal: quality securities backing worthy companies in viable industries.

Step 4: Efficiently Market the offering

Our bankers, associates and external partners work together diligently to market the opportunity. 

Step 5:  Post-offering support

We have strong sense of responsibility for supporting our clients after a deal closes. You can count on us to be with you whenever you need us.