Qiang Liu

CEO and CCO (FINRA CRD # 6843524)

Mr. Qiang Liu, CFA, FSA  is the CEO and CCO of CBC Securities Inc.


Gordon Yale

Senior Advisor (CRD#: 1010194)

Mr. Gordon Yale, CPA, is the senior advisor of CBC Securities Inc。

Erin Baskett

CFO and FINOP (FINRA CRD # 4538604)

Ms. Erin Baskett, CPA, CGMA, CHRS is the CFO and FINOP of CBC Securities Inc.


Kimmy Wan

Registered Banker (California) (CRD #: 3078166)

Over 20 years experiences in U.S. Securities Industry. Her banking experiences includes manager at E*Trade and most recently Vice President at Charles Schwab managing .  Ms. Wan is also the owner of KW Wealth Management LLC, an investment advisor company located at California.  Ms. Wan holds FINRA 4, 7, 63, and 66 licenses.


Frank Cid

Registered Banker (New York Branch) (CRD#: 2897738)

Over 25 years in investment banking completing a wide variety of middle market capital formation and advisory transactions in numerous industries involving both privately held and publicly traded companies. Primarily focused on the Technology and Biotech sector for the last five years, working with nano-cap, micro-cap and small-cap companies. Frank has been a part of funding for some of the first Reg A Plus deals such as the REg A Plus IPO’s for MYOMO (MYO), Chicken Soup For the Soul (CSSE), and Fat Burger (FATS) to name a few.   His banking experience includes working for Newcastle Financial Services, Citigroup, and National Securities Corp. Mr. Cid holds FINRA 7 and 63 licenses.

Woody Dorilus

Registered Banker (New York Branch) (CRD#: 5950426)

10 years’ experience in U.S. Securities Industry. His banking experience includes working for Joseph Stone Capital, Dipaolo Financial, and Wealth Advisory Group. Mr. Dorilus holds FINRA 7, 63, and 66 licenses.