Who can invest in Reg D 506c Offerings?

While Reg A+ offerings are allowed to accept investors of any income level, Reg D offerings are only allowed to accept investments from Accredited Investors. And the company selling its shares must take reasonable steps to make sure that the investors are Accredited. Please click Accredited Investor for its definition. 

Who can invest in a Reg A+ Mini IPO offering?

Anyone! (see the exceptions below). Mainstreet investors worldwide can invest under Regulation A+ into companies that make their stock offerings with help from CBC Securities. Ordinary investors don’t have to be wealthy to invest! Investors are welcome from almost anywhere in the world.

The only limitation is that Main Street investors cannot invest greater than 10% of their annual income or 10% of their net worth, excluding their homes. This is a per-investor limit per company they invest in, and it only applies to Tier 2 offerings. Investors are allowed to self-verify their income and net worth. Issuers are not required to independently verify.

The inclusion of investors from “Main Street” who are not necessarily wealthy is the big deal here. Now companies can take investments from millions of people who could not participate before.

Accredited investors are not limited in how much they can invest. Investors from outside of the U.S. are welcome, with the same limits.

Please note that the regulations of your country may restrict you from investing our offerings. As an investor, you must check the regulations that apply to you, in your country.