Stay Tuned!

CBC Securities Inc. is relentlessly working with partners to provide you a user-friendly platform, i.e. investor portal, that will efficiently and accurately process your investment, and facilitate communication with us, with the company, and with your peer investors.

The investor portal we are creating will serve to streamline alternative investments, turning a lengthy and manual transaction process into a quick, accurate, and pleasant one.

Below is a preview. Stay tuned! 

Making an investment usually doesn’t take longer than 6-10 minutes. After you have completed the investment form, you can choose a payment method. CBC Securities provides a wide variety of payment options such as; debit cards, check, wire, and ACH. Chose the one that fits you the most, follow the instructions and transfer the funds to the company you are investing in’s special account. After the money is received you will be notified that your investment was received.

In most cases, the company you are investing in will process your investment quickly. If there is a requirement that investors must be accredited, then that process will wait on you proving the needed information.

Soon after you are requested to complete your subscription agreement the company accepting your investment will process your investment and issue you the securities you bought.

If the company you are investing in has a minimum total $ amount they must raise before they can raise any capital (this is unusual), then there may be a delay while they bring in sufficient investment $.

At any time you can email the company you are investing in or comment on their offering page to get answers to your investing questions.

After you become a shareholder of the company, you will be notified through email any updated events and information that will help you understand your investment, know the current status of the company including its most recently available financial statements, and evaluate your investment.

  • Start the investing process on CBC Securities’s website, click on the “Invest now” button.
  • Complete the investment form, sign up if you are not yet a member. Verify your email address.
  • Investors can pay with debit/credit cards, check, wire and ACH per Issuer’s pre-agreement.
  • Your money will be deposited into Escrow account and remain safely there. Upon the completion of offering, the money will be transferred to issuing company.
  • An automatic Anti Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know Your Customers) check is performed on each investor, to make sure that all of them are satisfy SEC requirements. The automatic Accreditation Verification is also done in this step when it’s relevant.
  • CBC Securities will conduct suitability analysis and other due diligence as required by law.
  • In the case of Reg D offerings, the issuer company has to verify it’s investors to be accredited. We have a built-in solution for this in our system to assist companies that retain us. 
  • Private Placement Memorandum (for Reg D 506(c)) or Offering Circular (Reg A+) will be sent to investors before actual investments are accepted.
  • We send the Subscription Agreement to the investor for signature. 
  • The issuer company accepts investor and investor funds by countersigning the Subscription Agreement. 
  • The transfer agent issues the shares or other SEC Qualified securities to the investors when appropriate in the offering sequence.

An important part of CBC Securities Inc’s investor portal is the open exchange of advice, suggestions and feedback from our investor community to the client offering companies.  The more input you give to the companies, the better their offerings will become, and the more fun you will have, from the knowledge that you have helped, and by sharing the journey.  By actively involving yourself, you will learn more about the company, the style of its leaders, and their strategy. It is a form of due diligence for you. And you get to help the companies that you interact with.

Investors are also welcome to participate in the “Test the Waters” program which helps potential issuers gaudging the potential demand for their offerings therefore helps them make a guided decision in regard to the price and volume of their final offerings or whether to offer at all.

Each investor is advised to consult legal, tax, investment or other professional before investing, and carefully review all the disclosures and documents provided as part of any offering materials. If in doubt, do not invest. If you have question, please contact us.