Our proprietary Investment Portal is a robust software portal to streamline and simplify securities issuance, investor onboarding, investor management, and transfers, be it for primary issuance, secondary trading, buybacks, and more.

Top Challenges in Private Placements Today

Painful Subscription Execution

Painful Subscription Execution

Physical execution of subscription agreements is driving up the cost of operations.

Redundant Administrative Tasks

Redundant Administrative Tasks

Decentralized and manual internal processes negatively impact the volume of deals.

Chronic Compliance Issues

Chronic Compliance Issues

Rapidly changing regulatory environment makes it difficult for organizations to remain compliant.

Private Placements with Concordia

Private Placements Simplified

Keep your operational expenses under control by significantly accelerating workflow and transaction efficiencies associated with the private placement process.

Private Placements In a Fraction of the Time

By removing the inefficiencies that have traditionally plagued private placements your team will have more time to pursue new client relationships and opportunities.

Private Placements’ Compliance Leveraged

Stay on the right side of compliance, while, at the same time taking advantage of current regulations, opening your private placements to new pools of investors.


Secure Data Room

Private password protected data room for displaying pertinent deal information, prospective investor communication, and more.


Cap Table Management

Investors can easily make buy/sell requests for company review and approval or rejection.


Investor Onboarding

Our system conducts an automated KYC/AML and accreditation check and allows investors to easily buy shares using their bank account.


Autonomous Reporting

Dividends can be automatically distributed, along with automated investor reporting directly on the system.